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Born to Be My Baby

A homecoming he never wanted... 

Ben Sumner left the suffocating small town of Canyon Creek, Colorado ten years ago, and never looked back. Even though his family helped found the town and owned a large piece of the mountain at its center, he always felt out of place.

His father’s death has changed that, bringing him home to discover his parents leveraged everything to build a lodge on the family’s property. Ben knows cutting costs is the only way to keep the bank from foreclosing on his family’s legacy. There’s only one person standing in his way: Maggie Lawrence, the high school crush who’d never spared him a glance. She might be just as beautiful as she was ten years earlier, but he’ll do whatever it takes to stop her. 

Born to Be My Baby is the first book in the Canyon Creek, CO series. It can be read as a standalone book.

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Yay, collaboration! Especially when it's one between Lori Ryan and Kay Manis. ... Co-authors Manis and Ryan make a deliciously diabolical team.


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About Lori Ryan and Kay Manis

Lori Ryan is a USA Today and NY Times Bestselling Author of romantic suspense and contemporary romance. Kay Manis writes steamy contemporary romance with extreme heroes who love hard.

Together, they write steamy contemporary romance stories set in Canyon Creek, Colorado. 

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