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Born to Be My Baby

A homecoming he never wanted... 

Ben Sumner left the suffocating small town of Canyon Creek, Colorado ten years ago, and never looked back. Even though his family helped found the town and owned a large piece of the mountain at its center, he always felt out of place.


His father’s death has changed that, bringing him home to discover his parents leveraged everything to build a lodge on the family’s property. Ben knows cutting costs is the only way to keep the bank from foreclosing on his family’s legacy.


There’s only one person standing in his way: Maggie Lawrence, the high school crush who’d never spared him a glance. She might be just as beautiful as she was ten years earlier, but he’ll do whatever it takes to stop her. Born to Be My Baby is the first book in the Canyon Creek, CO series. It can be read as a standalone book.

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Never Say Goodbye

He's desperate to save his family's lodge. She's determined to keep her family's ski resort running. Together, they can make it happen, but collaborating means facing the betrayal of their past. Will the project lead to heartache or a second chance at love?

Elle Noble knows about losing. The loss of her dance career and her dreams for a family of her own taught her enough about loss to last a lifetime. Still, she has a life she loves working alongside her brothers and father at their family ski resort, a resort she's set on bringing back from harder times. Tourism in the small Colorado town is down and working with the neighboring lodge is their best bet to turn things around.

But joining forces with the Sumner family lodge means working with Emmett Sumner. He was her best friend, and the man she's loved for most of her life. Until she foolishly let him go five years ago. Being so close to temptation and the object of her desire is enough to drive her mad. Mad enough to do something she shouldn't. To hope again. For love, for family, for all of it.

Emmett Sumner refuses to love Elle Noble again. She broke his heart, twice. But when they're thrown together for work, he finds himself falling all over again until he discovers she hasn't overcome her need to keep secrets. It proves he was right to keep his distance, but trying to convince his heart to stay away might be a bigger challenge.

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Thank You for Loving Me

It was supposed to be a fling…

Confirmed bachelor and former pro football superstar, Max Sumner, knows the minute he sets eyes on Devlin Darby, he wants her in his bed. The fiery photographer is hot as hell, and Max has never been good at resisting temptation.

What should have been a few nights between the sheets quickly turns into more. Slowly Devlin slips under his skin, making him reveal secrets he’s managed to hide from everyone.

Devlin Darby never wanted to be trapped. She likes her life just the way it is—carefree, wild, and all her own. But after a few nights with the oh-so-sexy Max Sumner, her plans to keep things light are at risk.

When faced with the consequences of their time together, Devlin must make a choice—become trapped by a man she doesn’t love, or face this adventure alone on her own terms. An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t mean she has to tie herself down to Max for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately for her, when Max discovers her secret, he has other plans. There’s no way he’s letting her, or their baby go. And he’s not a man to be taken lightly when he sets his mind to something—or someone—he wants. She may be his strongest opponent, but she’ll be his biggest victory.

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With These Two Hands

He was on top of the world. She's hit rock bottom.

Heart surgeon, Aaron Sumner would rather be in the operating arena than anywhere else in the world. With a scalpel in his hand, he knew who he was and what he was put on this earth to do. A tremor tears it all away from him. After more than a decade away, he's coming home to Canyon Creek to see if there's a place for him in the small town he once loved. With his head so screwed up, there's no place in his life for any more complications.

Dr. Kayleigh Montgomery is a complication. He didn't expect the woman who put him in his place at his brother's wedding to be the one to show him there's more to life than an operating table and sleepless nights.

If Kayleigh Montgomery's upbringing among Boston's elite taught her anything, it's that accepting help from others means letting them control you. She walked away from the family money and moved across the country. With her vet business failing, holding it all together seems impossible. Even more impossible? Ignoring the way her heart races when Aaron Sumner offers his helping hands.But she needs to do just that if she's going to stay focused where she needs to be: on her work, her livelihood, and her success. Anything less would mean admitting  failure.

They didn't plan to be lovers, and they sure don't want to be friends, but in the town of Canyon Creek, there's no avoiding the inevitable: falling in love.

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I'll Be There for You

She's searching for a purpose. He's doubting his was ever real.

As a successful political strategist, Jake Sumner is always prepared for disaster, ready to spin on a dime to meet any challenge. Until a stranger knocks on his door and announces he's the father of a five-year old girl he never knew existed. Reeling from the news, and trying to connect with his daughter, he returns to his hometown of Canyon Creek, Colorado, hoping his rowdy family can help him make sense of the chaos that surrounds him.

What he never counted on was falling in love…with his daughter, with his small town, or with Lina Bianchi.

Lina Bianchi has lived a life full of regrets and spent the last six years in Canyon Creek trying to make amends—to her family and to herself. She helped to raise her sisters and is proud of where they are in the world, but she's a little lost and adrift herself. Unable to find her true passion, she works odd jobs around town, falling in love with the people and the land she now calls home. But when a developer threatens to destroy the town she holds dear, she decides to take a stand regardless of her family's wishes.

Determined to win the battle, Lina turns to Jake, the one man in town who has the political background to help develop a strategy…and the one man whose hazel eyes make her body burn with desire. He's in desperate need of some help himself, since his newly-discovered five-year-old is busy kicking his butt.

They each have something the other needs. Political know-how for parenting tutorials. But when she finds out he's working for the opposition, all bets are off. This is a battle she's hell-bent on winning. But is the thrill of victory worth the pain of losing her heart?

Can these two discover the ultimate lesson, that a life lived for love offers its own rewards?

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If That's What It Takes

He's lost everything, but there's only one thing he cares about winning back. His wife's heart. 

Grant Sumner's fall from grace was epic. In the span of a year, he destroyed his career, his home, his fortune...and his marriage. No one in Hollywood will touch him or his reputation, and his estranged wife is further out of reach than ever.

But with the help of his family, and a shot at working behind the camera instead of in front of it, he's making a comeback.

Under the guise of a film festival, Grant has lured his wife back to his hometown in Colorado to showcase his debut effort as a director. There's only one problem...Sophie doesn't want to be there.

With her sister's help, Grant convinces Sophie to spend a month in the mountains, just the two of them, to reconnect and fall in love again.

Thirty days for a second chance, to show his wife he's a changed man. Thirty days to win back the heart of the one woman he can't live without. Thirty days to make the comeback of his life. 

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